A Look at Public Education Purpose and Oversight

What do you want your child to learn in school? Do you want an emphasis on basic education? Or do you want public schools to oversee his/her mental health “needs?” (1)

The Tennessee Commissioner of Education Penny Schwinn, after her appointment in 2019, implemented a 5-year plan to focus on students’ emotional needs called the “whole child” approach. (2) Schwinn says educators have identified “emotional needs” as a top concern. Is that why you send your child to school?

Schwinn’s “concerns” included an attempt to send someone to see every child in TN to conduct “well-being” checks as a “new government initiative.” (3) Are you ready to have a stranger knock on your door to check on your child’s “well-being”? If a child simply uses the word ”uncomfortable” in an interview with a state worker it can incur bureaucratic intervention.

In 1963, a Tennessean congressman entered a list of communist goals into the congressional record. Centralizing governmental control over education is goal #34. (4) Are we headed there?

Gov. Lee appointed Schwinn without her submitting a resume or receiving any legislative overview or support. The legislature has voiced repeated concerns about her policies and actions (for 3 years) threatening a “no confidence” vote on her even as Governor Lee continues to support her. (5)(6) 
Schwinn, a native Californian, signed a state plan in 2021 to submit TN schools to federal oversight. Look for masks and vaccine mandates this Spring, and then call your legislator and ask why. For further details see our website. (7)

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(7)  On Telegram, look for “”The Great Takedown-TNDOEChat” to get all federal documents on how the federal government is planning a complete take down of education in Tennessee.  Expect masks and vaccine mandates by late Spring if TN is participating.

Appeared in January 26, 2022 Fentress Times