TAG Meeting This Thur. July 20!
TAG meeting July 20th
El Azul Restaurant
5pm Supper, 6pm Meeting
By fate, this video appeared and was introduced to TAG right after our inception 2 years,  and it was a ‘zinger’….. We think it’s important for everyone to see. Our Constitution forms the backbone of the fight we find ourselves in, in every form, whether understood and seen or not. What gives us the fight to continue? We contend that only by fully embracing the inalienable truths, and understanding the foundations and formation of the Constitution in relations to the feds can we stand our ground for our state. 

Here is the link where you can see the movie: https://vimeo.com/562959655?login=true
or here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aJomWxW6pcU

Warning: it may start ‘slow’ (first 10 minutes)… hang in there.  We will discuss Non Compliant, at the next meeting July 20th, and will have an outline and video clips. This is a time for group interaction, discussion, sharing. A new TAG brochure will be introduced, actually an update of our current one. TAG has a new ‘tenet’… and it relates to the above…We will do a quick update on the gun control session.

There is an inside story. (Surprised?)This is something a little different. However, we feel the video was so impactful you will be glad you saw watched it, and a strong potential you will be changed…and prepared…See you then!

Outline of Video:  (questions and discussion)
1- History is our Guide
2- Inverted Hierarchy
3- We Created Our States
4- Constitutional Compact
5- Securing our State Rights
6- Undelegated Power
7- Checks and Balances
8- Sheriff
9- We Will Not Comply
10- For Our Posterity

Table of Contents