Month: June 2023

Protect Your Gun Rights! Sign the Petition to Fentress County State Reps.


Friday 10 am-5 pm and Saturday 9 am-5pm
  • NEXT TENT DAYS: July 21 & 22

Tennessee Action Group (TAG) was at the Historic Courthouse downtown Jamestown – Friday and Saturday, June 21 & 22.

Sign the Petition to Fentress County state representatives opposing Red Flag Laws (under any name including “protection orders”.) Governor Lee has called a Special Sessions of the legislature on August 21 to address new gun laws.
There will be music, food and drawings to win prizes. (To enter the drawing, you need to take the Constitution Quiz.)
The petition asks that our state representatives reject any bills that are unconstitutional regarding our 2nd Amendment and Article 1 Section 26 of the TN Constitution.

TAG Meeting JUNE 15th!

Monthly Meeting will be held at the El Azul Restaurant, (old Dragon Pit restaurant), 5pm supper, 6pm meeting

TAG also has a new campaign for the summer: 
TENT DAYS to expand our subject base on the national issues that are affecting Tennessee: 
Agenda 2030, the U.N. agenda, the W.H.O and, the Great Reset with the WEF- World Economic Forum. 


TAGs new tent. (Think anyone will notice?)
We will set up at the courthouse. More info at the meeting.
***TENT DAYS *** Outreach to Jamestown
Remember:  Supper at 5pm IN THE BACKROOM
                          MEETING at 6pm IN THE BACKROOM
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