Month: January 2024

Jan. Meeting is Thurs. Jan 25

The Monthly TAG meeting will meet at 6 pm on Jan 25th, rather than Jan 16 (due to the wintry weather forecast). Meeting will be at El Azul Restaurant in Jamestown.


WELCOME TO 2024 !!….it’s going to be a bumpy ride… But we will do it together.  

The past year gave us a chance to breathe a bit after covid, and then took it away with a NEW insanity every day, if you were following the news.  It’s hard to keep up, and many have stopped trying. That’s ok.  We understand. We are watching Ukraine, Israel, the financial market, the medical market, the food market and a whole bunch of other “stuff.”  And struggling with indigestion quite a bit… 

However, TAG is about TENNESSEE!  So get ready, we have a lot coming up during the 2024 sessions!   

TAG has done a deep dive into nullification- state resistance to federal overreach. We are following last year’s bill–HB0726.  It made it through the first house committee, and did not get a second in the senate committee. It can be reintroduced again this year.  

We spend months reading up on nullification, doing a time-line from 1803 to present, including SCOTUS cases and multitudes of 45-page law reviews. Tennessee needs to make a stand against federal encroachment and a campaign is brewing across the state with grassroots groups, including TN Citizens for State Sovereignty (TNCSS) 

TAG will also follow updates on education. It looks like we have about lost the fight… SEL- social emotional learning is another version of CRT- critical race theory. While CRT has been outlawed by our general assembly in 2023, it lives and breathes as SEL and is pervasive in the schools. It is a marxist agenda and folks, in our opinion, our children have been sacrificed on the altar and there is no relief.  School choice is another brick on that road, because what the government funds it controls. If you expect the government, that has brought us thus far, to educate your children any better than they are handling ANYTHING then think again. This has been in the planning for a long time, and it is coming to fruition. We will try to stick our proverbial fingers in the dyke.     

You can follow the same website we will from a presentation this week by Tiffany Boyd of  If you are game for a deeper dive, James Lindsay, of New Discourse is great, also.  He explains all the marxist influence of current education.  And as we stated on FB, if you cannot understand there is a problem, it may be because you are too well trained from all our own education- believe and obey the authorities and “experts.”   I hope you see where they got us thus far. 

These are not the only issues we will be following, and as the bills “hit the fan” this month (cough cough) we will update hard and heavy.  

We will be in Nashville each week starting around the end of the month,  most probably Wednesdays. If you want to go you are welcome anytime. You must contact us via email —  We leave early, 7a.m.-ish and return 6p.m.-ish.  It is a long day, but we cruise and see all the representatives we can all day long.  This will be brief. There will be plenty of activity and information SOON. 

Hope to see you Thursday, January 18th,  at El Azul for our monthly meeting.   

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