Month: February 2024

February Meeting is Thursday 22nd

Defending Tennessee One inalienable right at a time…Life, Liberty, Property
TAG meeting at El Azul Restaurant, February, 22th
Supper at 5pm, Meeting at 6pm.
We will give an in-depth look at the bill making process, update on State Sovereignty bill, look at behind the scenes action, review insights and opposition

TAG Promotes Bill on State Sovereignty

A bill on State Sovereignty for Tennessee is again at the forefront. State Sovereignty is about Tennessee’s right to self govern against federal government encroachment on rights the U.S. Constitution gives to the states alone.

Tennessee State Attorney Skrmetti claims that 2024 will be “a year of clarity” in which Tennessee will take the lead in “pushing back against the expanding powers of the federal government.”   Some of those areas are social media health threats to children and stopping transgender medical procedures on minors. 1

Changing federal law is addressed in federal court, and our Attorney General is indeed taking the lead. However, our AG points out it is our elected officials that make the decision on what policy the citizens of Tennessee want.  And to that end, the people decide. So, how does that happen? 

Usually, the federal government sends out some law or mandate .   When it deprives life, liberty or property, the people rise up and demand relief. Our General Assembly only meets the first 4 months of the year.  While a Special Session can be called, we saw during Covid it took 18 months after the emergency began for them to meet and draft protective legislation.

A new bill on State Sovereignty speeds up the process. SB2058 2

This bill will provide for a committee that meets regularly throughout the year to review federal acts or laws that violate Tennessee’s Constitution by oppressing our citizens.  The Tennessee Constitution rejects a doctrine of nonresistance, therefore, the G.A. has a mandate to act.  They will have several options with this bill  including issuing a Resolution of Noncompliance.

The sponsor of the bill, Senator Adam Lowe, says  “Now more than ever, state sovereignty seems to be our only hope at establishing a healthy balance with our federal counterparts. This bill, in addition to my “Made in Tennessee” bill, will allow us to put substantive action into place to monitor when the state of Tennessee should flex its authority to manage its business.”

            Tennessee Action Group of Fentress County met with legislators for months and assisted in drafting the bill. The bill has great traction and is barely out the gate.  We are proud to continue our mission enjoining all our efforts towards protecting and supporting the state of Tennessee and its citizens. For article references, please see

  1. The article is behind a paywall. Original article is at:
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